• 1977-05-12
  • Message from Ken Garner to Peel Mailing List, 2011-04-07: " half a show from May 1977, featuring This Heat and The Stranglers, and records from the curious pre and post punk mixture of that time - roger daltrey, anyone? - and is therefore very enjoyable."
  • The Tennessee Ernie Ford track is yet another in the list of "one-of-the-earliest-records-I-bought" songs that JP details occasionally.
  • Debut play for Slaughter & The Dogs, described by Peel as "a bunch of lads from Manchester", although he shies away from giving the title (even though it is plainly obvious from one listen).
  • John is slightly less than satisfied with the new Sandy Denny LP, and avers that the best thing she ever did after leaving Fairport Convention was an EP that he cannot remember the title of: it was called Pass Of Arms.
  • Another recording, not a continuous segment but a pause-button edit, is now available and includes the remainder of the session tracks: items from this are marked with a §. Sound quality is more watery but brings the total availability of the programme to 81 minutes.



(JP: 'Just one of the bands who are making the first half of 1977 the best six months for music since the latter half of 1967. Does that make any sense? I think I know what I said, anyway. Those are the Stranglers of course and that's their first number.') §

File a begins

(tape flip)

(JP: 'I bet when that was issued in America it had a useful inner sleeve that told you where it was recorded and who did what and to whom and so forth, but over here it's just got one of those ordinary paper sleeves and no information whatsoever. Boo.')
(JP: 'Last-minute programming change there. I was going to play you the Iggy Pop single, but that came in really moments ago and I thought you'd want to hear it. I don't know why I always rush these things onto the air, I must admit, because nobody else is going to play 'em. It's not as though it's like a world exclusive, but at the same time I wanted to hear it and I thought it was quite good, and I thought you'd want to hear it too.')

File a ends

(JP: 'The more I hear 'em, the more I like 'em.') §
  • This Heat: 'Horizontal Hold' (Peel Session) §
(JP: The last from Mr. and Mrs. Strangler's little boys.') §
  • Stranglers: 'Something Better Change' (Peel Session) §
(JP: 'As long as it's not the leader of the First Division, I don't care what it is.') §


  • a) Peel 1977-05-12 This Heat, Stranglers (incomplete)
  • b) John Peel 1977.05.12 Stranglers + This Heat
  • a) 01:02:08
  • b) 00:40:06
  • a) Many thanks to John and Ken.
  • b) Many thanks to Jim.
  • a) Currently unavailable.
  • b) [1]