• 1987-05-12
  • Peel plays the Yugoslav entry of the Eurovision Song Contest after putting a bet on it. Sadly for him the Yugoslav entry Novi Fosili only reached fourth place.
  • Peel mentions when he was on a hovercraft to Calais, a woman on the vessel requested him to play a specific record called Why People Funny Boy on the Doctor Bird label.  The woman didn't know the name of the artist and Peel couldn't find out who it is by and asked listeners if they know to write in. [1]
  • Peel mentions that the road signs from Calais in France to 20 miles in the Belgian border are poorly signed and also says that he found it impossible to avoid La Panne (Flemish: De Panne), a seaside town in Belgium when driving from the Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels to Calais, as it always faces heavy traffic. During the road journey Peel mentions seeing a vehicle with a Front 242 sticker at the back.
  • Peel is delighted that the Fall have entered the UK Top 40 Singles Chart for the first time with their single There's A Ghost In My House at number 30.



(JP: 'We start though with Age Of Chance a record which Janice has played dozens of times')
(JP: 'Record of the year I think')
(JP: 'Well it's very very pleasing to see The Fall in the charts at last at number 30 with the current single, highest new entry this week I think. It's been a boyhood ambition of mine to introduce The Fall on Top Of The Pops but I seem to be dropped from the Top Of The Pops rota so I won't get the opportunity to do that, curses')


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  1. The track actually turns out to be People Funny Boy from Lee Perry on the Doctor Bird label
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