• 1978-10-12
  • Incomplete show, but only around 15 minutes is currently not available. Three tracks played from the new 999 album and a couple from those by Siouxsie & The Banshees and XTC.
  • Peel had appeared on Omnibus, the BBC-1 TV arts show, that evening.
  • Playlist includes a French-language rock track by Linda Keel with an incorrect title (see below), chosen to follow Adam & The Ants' "Young Parisians".



File 4

(file 1)

(JP: “The first from Punishment Of Luxury.”)
(JP: “A marriage of Adam & The Ants and Decca Records seems a most peculiar thing, and here’s the first consequence of that marriage.”)
(JP: “Well, I rather care for that, I must confess.”)


(JP: “It sounds as if they borrowed our studio light for the session, as featured on television.”)
(JP: “And that a song chosen to coincide with tonight’s Omnibus, which I hope you watched. If you didn’t it won’t have relevance at all.”)
(JP: (“And producer John Walters is currently vacationing in the barbarous splendor of his mother’s house in the Isle Of White, but he would regard this as being a programming touch worthy of himself. We follow Night Time with White Night.”)
(JP: “I wonder why none of my colleagues made that their record of the week – Peter Powell or Kid Jensen or even Paul Burnett. Could have done, but they didn’t … This is the next from Punishment Of Luxury, and it’s called Babylon, and I’m afraid there are one or two rude words in the course of this, but they are in a kind of Biblical contexts, so you probably won’t find them too offensive.”)


(JP: "Well, there’s an LP that should be in every discerning home when it is released I think.”)
(JP: "Come on! Wake up, wake up!")


  • (1) 041-781012b
  • (2) 040-781012a
  • (3) 040-781012
  • 4) 1978-10-12 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB025.mp3
  • (1) 46.14 (file starts with 11 October 1978, this date from 27.17)
  • (2) 46.12
  • (3) 1.16.27 (show changes at 38.15 to start of 13 October 1978)
  • 4) 0:00:43


  1. The correct title appears to be "Lss Reines Du Trottoir"[1] ("Faire le trottoir" means "walk the streets").
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