• 1987-10-12
  • Peel mentions that the Robert Wyatt's Peel Session, recorded in 1974, was produced by John Walters.
  • Peel says most of the interesting records he's getting are from America.
  • Peel mentions listening to around 150 demo tapes over the weekend and said that none of them had any spark to it.
  • Peel claims that he is playing the first time a Compact Disc, this time from the Wedding Present's George Best album, which he played a track earlier on in the show of the LP version.
  • Peel initially plays the wrong side of Spyder-D's track, before correcting the song.
  • Peel mentions seeing the Everly Brothers last Thursday night at the Royal Albert Hall and felt disappointment with what they were doing with their songs.



(JP: 'And keeping things pretty Spanish, presuming that is Spanish, Vamos, and these are the Pixies. It does fade in, but I won't talk over it anyway')
(Peel tries to play the Wedding Present's A Million Miles track from the George Best CD, but plays the wrong track instead, before giving it up after a few seconds)
(Peel attempts second time to play A Million Miles and finally succeeds!)

Tracks marked @ on File 2

Tracks marked # on File 3


  • 1) 020A-B3393XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 2) john peel show tape 3a 1987
  • 3) CUT UPS 5 1987 C90 (John Peel - Hip Hop, House, Go-Go, Dance) Oct - Nov 1987
  • 1) 1:57:48
  • 2) 0:46:54 (0:27:44 - 0:35:10)
  • 3) 1:37:09 (0:40:22 - 0:57:05)
  • 1) Recordings at the British Library
  • 2) Many thanks to Happy Otter
  • 3) Many thanks to Andrew Paul Shaw
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