• 1977-09-12
  • Start of show: "Well here I am back again after a week of watching the car being repaired in various different cities around the country, and I'd like to thank Kid Jensen for sitting in this chair last week and doing the programme. As usual, I'm deluged with letters saying, "Hey Kid Jensen played some great records and he played them at the correct speeds. Why don't you go away on holiday for ever?" Well I shan't. On tonight's programme, we have Status Quo for you, 50 minutes plus of them, caught in concert, recorded on the 1 March 1973.')
  • Ken Garner (in The Peel Sessions, p.218) also mentions a play for the Shags, Breathe In My Ear [1].



Status Quo in concert

  1. Junior's Wailing
  2. Someone's Learning
  3. In My Chair
  4. Railroad
  5. Don't Waste My Time
  6. Paper Plane
  7. Roadhouse Blues
  8. Bye Bye Johnny
(JP: 'And I've got a card here from somebody, actually I can't read the signature at all and there's no address, but the point really doesn't need answering personally. He is right, of course: he says, "Dear John Peel, be a good chap and stop saying Of Course all the time, it's driving me up the wall. There are a hundred other mindless mannerisms you could use as fillers of airtime instead, surely. Well, then." And of course he is right and I've noticed that myself: I do say Of Course a lot and I shall try to stop saying it. I shall also try to stop saying In The Not Too Distant Future, which as another reader pointed out I say far too often. You do tend to fall back on these things though when you get a little desperate and find yourself backed in a corner.')
(JP: 'Tonight you heard Status Quo in concert from the BBC recordings made on March 1973. Tomorrow night a new session from the Stranglers and one from the Steve Gibbons Band as well, so should be a good programme, and I hope you'll try to listen to it. In fact, thanks very much for listening to this one. Goodnight.')
  • (midnight news with Robin Boyle: bread strike)


  • John Peel 1977.09.12 Status Quo
  • 01:02:06
  • Many thanks to Jim.
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