• 1988-09-12
  • Peel mentions that he was in the past couple of weeks in France on holiday, whilst his shows were prerecorded. He describes Paris as a terrifying place and a nightmare to park.
  • Peel mentions liking the Siouxsie And The Banshees album over the weekend and plays the Scarecrow track at the wrong speed, before correcting it. He also does a wrong speed for the Ruffy & Tuffy track, before quickly correcting it and says that the record was a birthday present from Bill Wright.
  • Peel says he's going on Thursday night to Leicester to see Shalawambe.
  • Peel says that whilst holidaying in the south of France, he met Brian Walsh, who was a member of Corridor One, and plays a record from his former group.
  • Peel mentions that his son William recorded his favourite songs for the car holiday trip across France and one of them was the Pet Shop Boys' Rent, which he found along with the Pig quite appetising. He then goes on to say that one of the most popular songs from the family that was played in the car was Robert Lloyd And The New Four Seasons' All The Time In The World, which he plays on the show.
  • Peel also mentions driving into Spain from France to the town of Pamplona, whilst on holiday. He described the town as a 'very hot Manchester' and found it disappointing.



(JP: 'Another 30 or 40 minutes of that will leave me entirely happy I must say. Shalawambe in session, wonderful stuff, that's Samora Machel, a particular favourite, one of my Desert Island Discs actually. If they ever asked me to do it, Samora Machel would be one of those that went along') [1]
(What's Love Got To Do With It? trailer by Simon Bates)

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  • 3) 1988-08-xx-09-xx Peel Show LE017
  • 1) 0:59:14
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  • 3) 1:34:58 (1:21:43 - 1:29:34)
  1. Peel finally did his Desert Island Discs in 1990, but seemed to have forgot to add Samora Machel on that show.
  2. The album was a gift from Andy Kershaw.
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