• 2001-09-12
  • On September 11 2001 (the day of the al-Qaeda attacks on the USA), Peel was hospitalised as a result of the diabetes with which he had just been diagnosed. His shows for this week were filled in by other DJs [1], the first here being Mary Anne Hobbs, who promises to keep up the traditions of the show by playing something at the wrong speed (which she fails to do).



(MAH: 'It's Mary Anne Hobbs in for John Peel tonight: he's a little bit under the weather, but apparently still well enough to complain bitterly about the fact that he's not being allowed to do his own show, which myself and Anita think is probably a good sign. Anyway, coming up tonight, we'll have a collection of records that John would have wanted you to hear I don't think any of us are in the mood for celebrations after the tragic events in America yesterday, but we did want to acknowledge PJ Harvey's win of the Mercury Music Prize, so we're repeating her first ever Peel session...The White Stripes session which was scheduled for this evening has been postponed, principally because it's John and Anita's favourite session of the year, so I think it would be completely improper for me to be playing it. In fact, there's not going to be a great deal of gaiety in the show tonight, just some beautiful music, I think.')


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  • Many thanks to niag for the original recording and to brbr for the re-up!
  1. The Tuesday show had been replaced by Steve Lamacq reporting from the Mercury Music Prize Awards.
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