• 1984-09-13
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  • As a forerunner to Wah!'s 5th session which is just about to be recorded, JP plays all four of their previous sessions, each session played in a block.
  • Three of the first four Wah! sessions are present on this tape which was made from this show, on a Dual C814 on a Sony BHF C90.
  • The first half of 7 Minutes To Midnight is unfortunately missing, and I have no idea why I did not record the final session.
  • Sound quality is very good FM stereo.
  • Some audio snippets of John interviewing Pete Wylie on this show indicates he was a studio guest.


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  • File 1 begins...
  • Wah! Heat: Seven Minutes To Midnight (session)
  • Wah! Heat: Don't Step On The Cracks (session)
  • Wah! Heat: Somesay (session)
  • Wah! Heat: Other Boys (session)
  • Wah!: Hope (I Wish You'd Believe Me) (session)
  • Wah!: Sleep (Lullaby For Josie) (session)
  • Wah!: Year Of Decision (session)
  • Wah!: Silver And Gold (session)
  • ... edit ...
  • Interview with Pete Wylie only on File 2
  • Shambeko Say Wah!: Papa Crak (session)
  • Shambeko Say Wah!: 8-8.30 Or 10 Till 12 (session)
  • Shambeko Say Wah!: Satie's Faction (session)
  • Shambeko Say Wah!: You'll Never Walk Alone (session)
  • File 1 ends
  • Interview with Pete Wylie File 3


  • 1) 1984-08-13 Peel Show.mp3
  • 2) Pete Wylie.mp3
  • 3) Pete Pylie 2.mp3
  • 1) 40:19
  • 2) 02:40
  • 3) 01:34
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