• 1983-12-13
  • Weatherman22 Tape: Sound quality is good considering the recording equipment, a mono portable cassette recorder attached to a mono FM SW radio!.
  • John Leonhard's Dad Tape: Full show available on the Mooo Server


  • Meteors #2, recorded 30th November 1983.
  • Sudden Sway #1, recorded 16th November 1983, repeat, first broadcast 24 November 1983. Released in 1986 as a Peel Session single.

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  • New Model Army: Great Expectations (7") Abstract
  • New Order: Procession (7") Factory #
  • Jah Warriors: Western Civilization (LP - Poor Man's Story) Vista Sounds
  • Meteors: Lonesome Train (session) #
  • Irma Thomas: Baby Don't Look Down (LP - Time Is On My Side) Kent
  • Living In Texas: Awaken (12" - My End Of Heaven) Rebirth
  • Lucy Show: Leonardo Da Vinci (7" - Leonardo Da Vinci/Kill The Beast) Shout
  • Singers & Players: Breaking Down The Pressure (10") On-U Sound
  • Personality Crisis: Twlights Last Gleaming (LP - Creatures For A While) Overground
  • Sudden Sway: Let's Evolve (Peel Session) 
  • Meteors: You Crack Me Up (session) #
  • 10,000 Maniacs: Planned Obsolescence (7" - My Mother The War) Reflex 12 RE 1 # §
  • (JP: 'I was confirmed by the Bishop Of Lichfield...Very disappointing actually for me, confirmation, because I genuinely at the time expected that there was going to be an actual physical transformation at the time when the Bishop laid his hands rather reluctantly on my head. I thought that I would suddenly perceive things which I hadn't perceived before, principally of a sexual nature, I have to admit. I won't go into details of course, but it was a great disappointment. Most of my school chums who got confirmed with me were given things like Italian sports cars and grouse moors in Scotland. And I was given a five shilling postal order by my godmother. The whole thing was a grievous disappointment to me.')
  • Kabbala: Yen-Nbo-Ose (12") Red Flame
  • Fall: Hexen Definitive/Strife Knot (album - Perverted By Language) Rough Trade ROUGH 62 #
  • Simonics: In This Heat (7") Thin Sliced
  • Toxic Reasons: Mercenary (LP - Independence) Risky
  • Meteors: Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down (session) #
  • Zoviet France: Untitled (LP - Untitled) Red Rhino (Peel mentioned that the LP did not list any tracks on the sleeve)
  • Chameleons: Up the Down Escalator (12") Statik TAK 11/12 # §
  • Inca Babies: The Interior (7") Black Lagoon
  • Sudden Sway: Relationships (Peel Session)
  • Sonny Rollins: Movin' Out (LP - Moving Out) Prestige
  • Meteors: Long Blond Hair (session) #
  • 400 Blows: Return Of The Dog (12" - The Return Of The Dog) Illuminated
  • Sweet Distortion: 'Stepping It Lightly (12 inch)' (Steppers) §
  • Tracks marked # also on file 1 and tracks marked § also on file 2


  • 1) 1983-12-xx Peel Early Dec 1983.mp3
  • 2) Helen And Her Horns
  • 3) Peel 1983-12-13 (p).mp3
  • 1) 1:36:06 (1:13:26 on)
  • 2) 46:01 (15:02 to 28:11)
  • 3) 1:59:09
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