• 1976-01-12
  • Apart from the first track, this file is scoped: however, this is entirely excused by the fact that this is a landmark recording containing both a historic moment with a Bob Dylan track that John referred to in years to come and claimed he never lived down, and the fact that his pride at William's birth is well in evidence.
  • Complete tracklisting of the show is available thanks to Stephen Drennan's message to the Talk section of this page about his communications with Ken Garner about this show. Many thanks to Stephen (and Ken) for sharing the information.
  • The John Fahey track is his version of one of the best-known works of light classical music composer Albert W. Ketèlbey (1875-1959)[1] Second guitarist on the track is Woodrow (better known as Woody) Mann.


  • None (all records show)

Track Listing

(recording starts)
  • Bob Dylan: 'Hurricane (LP-Desire)' (CBS) (which comes to an abrupt halt at 00:06:52)
(JP: 'Oh that is most embarrassing. I've never done that before, I must admit, but I was looking at the sleeve while that record was playing, and I dropped it. I'm not quite sure what to do, except play the next record.')
(JP: 'Well, we've got through to the end of that one without any misadventures's been quite a 24 hours, what with one thing or another. In the past, I've played records at the wrong speed, or taken records off while they were still playing on the air, taken the wrong one off the turntable, but that is actually the first time since 1961 that I've actually dropped an LP sleeve, or anything onto a record and made it do that. I'd play you the rest of it if I could, except it'd be a bit silly to play you the last half of Hurricane, but it's also very scratched as well as the result of my foolishness. But doubtless we'll play it again in the not too distant future. And this is perhaps an appropriate record.')


  • John Peel 1976-01-12.mp3 (NB Note incorrect file date)
  • 00:14:20
  • Many thanks to the taper.
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