John Peel and Kid Jensen present TOTP in January, 1983

  • BBC One (TV)
  • 1983-01-13
  • Hello we’re on a five pound a man bonus for wearing these hats. Welcome to another TOTP. We’re the Burke and Hare of British broadcasting. I’m John, he’s the likeable Canadian.
  • Ethnic boys, ethnic. That’s a Bolivian fisherman’s wedding song by Incantation, or ‘Incantathion’ as the Gauchos call them back home on the pampas. Now we go with Men At Work from Australia.
  • Well if she scratched your back I don’t think you’d live to tell the tale, frankly.
  • Jensen : John, I think I’ll let you introduce this next act ‘cause I know they’re important to you, you play them a lot on your show. Peel : This has meant a lot to me, I must admit. This is a very important moment of my life really. Keith Harris & Orville.
  • That’s one of the very best things since Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. Keith Harris & Orville. Orville was the one in the woolly hat incidentally. Up next on TOTP, we’ve got The Belle Stars!
  • And now as a special novelty we're going to have a chart rundown... An LP rundown!
  • …and now at No.17 in the charts, happy birthday William, this is the theme music from ‘E.T.’
  • They look like a gang of debt collectors that lot! Those were The Maisonettes at No.15 in the charts. And now, because I’m the senior partner in this partnership, I get to read out the Top 10.
  • Well as you can imagine viewers, Kid and myself are a bit disappointed that Renee and Renato are no longer at No.1…
  • Next week’s TOTP will be introduced by a couple more people who have been sent up from the job centre... Gary Davies and Janice Long.
  • Jensen : I think we’d better say goodnight John. Peel : Goodnight John.




1983 TOTP - Sign Of The Times - The Belle Stars


John Peel Being Great On Prime Time BBC1

Montage including the beginning of this show


Maisonettes - Heartache Avenue totp2

Maisonettes - Heartache Avenue

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