• 1991-01-13
  • Start of show: "Just kidding Andy, just kidding. Three hours of top quality sounds for you between now and 2 o'clock in the morning on 1FM, and we start with...."
  • John holds a competition to win copies of the My Bloody Valentine 12": listeners have to name the Liverpool player, transferred from Millwall, who debuted against Aston Villa the day before (the answer was Jimmy Carter).


  • MASS #1, only session, recorded 16th December 1990, first broadcast
  • Stereo MCs, one and only session, recorded 9th October 1990, repeat, originally broadcast 21 October 1990


File 1

(JP: 'And they seemed such nice boys when I spoke to them on the phone.')
(JP: 'I normally wouldn't trust anybody who described themselves as weird. It's like when people put signs up saying, "You have to me mad to work here," or that kind of stuff. Always a bad sign.')
(JP: 'On one of the television monitors here in the studio, Rick Astley has just appeared, and I'd wondered where he'd been, and obviously he's been away growing his hair/ I think he likes kinda cute.')

File 2

(JP: 'We've reached the stage of the night when I like to climb up on top of the furniture and do a little buck and wing dance.')
(JP: 'I'm all in favour of re-inventing yourself: I think we should all do it every hour, on the hour.')

Tracks marked # on Best Of Peel Vol 20 and @ on Best Of Peel Vol 21


  • John Peel 19910113 - 128 kbps Part 1.mp3
  • John Peel 19910113 - 128 kbps Part 2.mp3
  • 01:34:27
  • 01:34:32
  • The end of File 2 contains a track from another show, Man or Astroman King Of The Monsters (last Clawfist release) followed by the start of a Fall track
  • Shared by Phil
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