• 2004-01-13
  • There is a competition in the show to win a quantity of Cranebuilders merchandise. (the answer is Cranes Music).
  • After talking for quite a while at the end of the Cranebuilders set, Peel comments: "This is the longest link that I've ever done in my life, I think. It's like a Sara Cox link!.... Oh, I've said the wrong thing haven't I? Alright, Chris Moyles then, cos he does them as well."
  • Peel says he owes the band Franz Ferdinand an apology for not managing to talk to them amidst the chaos at the end of the live programme from Groningen last week ("they must have thought I was fantastically rude"). A copy of their debut album had arrived at Peel Acres that morning, but his plan to play a track in the show is scuppered by a sticker on the record stating, "not for broadcast until Monday 19th January".
  • Hermeet is admonished for wolf-whistling Mary Anne Hobbs.
  • In the news: mass murderer Harold Shipman commits suicide in his cell in Wakefield prison; former England goal keeper David Seaman retires from football.



JP: "I was absolutely livid that that wasn't in the Festive Fifty."
JP: "When I got in this evening there was just a few short of a million new records waiting for my attention, but one at the top of the pile was a new one from Load Records and their stuff is usually pretty darn good."


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