• 1989-07-13
  • Peel tells an anecdote about answering the Mayo phone to somebody asking about Climie Fisher tour dates, and avers that he really doesn't care because one of the redoubtable duo said he (JP) was their least favourite DJ.
  • Reading Friday's Radio 1 schedule: "At 9 o'clock, the Bee Gees at the Wembley Arena. Another one not to miss, I think."
  • John speaks approvingly of the Mary Whitehouse Experience radio show, of which he says, "normally of course the words 'radio' and 'comedy' do not go easily together, but the couple I did hear were most entertaining."
  • The edited tracks from file 2 help fill in the gap in file 1.


  • Band Of Susans, #2. Recorded 1989-07-02. No known commercial release.


(JP: 'At this point, this wonderful record degenerates into the inevitable woman faking orgasm sequence, which is a great pity I think. If it had gone on like that for another ten minutes, I should have been very happy. It does go on for about another five minutes, in fact, but not as good as that.')
(JP: 'I mentioned in last night's programme that our William had gone, with one or two other people, to see the Fall playing in Cambridge last night, [1] the first time he'd ever seen them, and he'd never expressed any interest in the records and things, but apparently he came back home, his eyes with a strange glitter in them, asking where Dad kept his Fall records. So I'd better divert him back to noise, I think.')
(JP: 'D'ye know, Richard Skinner's in here already? That boy's ready to rock, just look at him in there, my goodness me, limbering up. He'll be terrific, don't you worry.')


  • 1) Peel Show 1989-07-13 (incomplete)
  • 2) 1989-07-13 Peel Show R030
  • 3) 1989-07-xx Peel Show LE040
  • 4) 1989-07-xx-08-xx Peel Show LE041
  • 1) 01:14:15
  • 2) 00:39:55 (18:56-22:43 unique)
  • 3) 1:36:09 (from 1:24:43) (from 1:35:23 unique)
  • 4) 1:35:51 (to 12:39) (to 4:01 unique)
  1. This was their gig at the Corn Exchange on Wednesday 12 July.
  2. Cover of the Ruts.