• 1991-07-13
  • (Adapted from Alan's message to Peel Newsgroup) Here's the next Cover Versions show, the third of four broadcast over two weekends. It's another three-hour show in four parts, but I'm afraid I missed the first 10 mins or so, so it starts part-way through Party Dictator's first session track, Pressure.
  • Peel cites the God Bullies track as a “demonstration of the near-perfect cover version – one that leaves the original lying bruised and tattered in the gutter.”
  • Expresses approval of Sonic Youth for appearing on so many cover compilations. Says he hopes they won’t stop doing it “no matter how big they get.” The band appear twice on this show, as well as in the form of Ciccone Youth.
  • After the Husker Du track, JP runs through the other artists and tracks on the same NME EP. These include Tom Waits' Downtown Train, "which I must admit didn't impress me much, but his stuff never has done."
  • “A confused old man presses the wrong button and somewhere on the other side of the galaxy a planet explodes,” Peel comments, after playing a Party Dictator session track before rather than after the Pioneers.
  • Confirms that the Duane Eddy track is still among his favourite singles. It would be among his four choices for the 1959 Peelenium.


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(JP: "Roll over, Jimi, and let Steel Pole Bath Tub take over. Doesn't work really, does it?")





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