• 1990-06-13
  • First play for the Pavement EP later found in John Peel's Record Box. According to the attached press release read by Peel, the provisional title had been "Kill The Weddoes".
  • JP isn't optimistic about England's upcoming final World Cup group match against the Netherlands: "My Dutch friends are going to continue to be obnoxious for years if it goes the wrong way, but I fear the worst." (In fact, the game ended a 0-0 draw, eliminating European champions Holland and seeing England through to the knockout stages as group winners.]



(JP: "Now here's a letter from Drag City, from Chicago in fact, and it says, 'Hey you, talentless, desperate, and with audio prostitute Steve Albini on hand, English Rock band, The Wedding Present, resolved the burden of finishing the Brassneck EP by choosing as its fourth track a cover of the obscure California band Pavement's Box Elder from their sold out, self-released first 7" "Slay Tracks". Predictably, things clicked into place. Brassneck sold largely due to the Pavement cover, an Albini production, well in excess of a million copies' - Can that possibly be true? That was me saying that, that's not on the letter - 'securing them a contract with the US major label. And Pavement well the Slay Tracks single rose to advanced collector status, numbered copies fetching anywhere from $500 to $600 each. And then good fortune came to them. We at Drag City bought every last bit of hype about Pavement and signed the band to a twelve record deal. What you hold is a preview of the initial fruits of this merger. Fueled by resentment towards the Wedding Present's outright thievery, the band walked into their Stockton, California studio determined to record a record so powerful it would put their previous effort, and the Wedding Present, to shame. Demolition Plot J-7, originally titled Kill The Weddoes, rocks like no other record released this year'".)


  • 1990-06-13 Peel Show R103.mp3
  • 1:27:35
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