• 2003-05-13
  • The single by Minus 8 Feat. Ras Charmer had been given to John by Paul Thomas of the R1 One World programme. Peel says that until comparatively recently, it was unheard of that another radio show would give you a record that they thought you'd like to play on your own programme. JP: "It was regarded at one stage in the early days of Radio One as being a very strange thing indeed if DJs took even the remotest interest in music. Genuinely regarded as rather unhealthy."
  • Peel is later than intended coming back in after playing the Cranebuilders track because he was untangling the headphone cable from his chair.
  • John details what happened at Peel Acres after the show had ended the previous Thursday (08 May 2003). Their guest Laura Cantrell had been cajoled into playing more songs, largely it seems at the insistence of Hermeet ("drink had been taken, I have to say"). According to Peel, in the end she gave up singing herself and accompanied Hermeet as he "sang her songs, rather poorly." "It was a great night" though, and one that reminded John of nights he spent with his friends when he lived on Gaston Avenue in Dallas, Texas. The festivities were eventually concluded at 4:30 am, he says.
  • The Everly Brothers track he plays is one that Laura Cantrell and her crew couldn't perform because of the difficult harmonies involved.



JP: "Now here's a record I've been listening to a lot over the weekend."
  1. Konrad Boehmer: Aspekt
  2. Boogie Boys: Break Dancer
  3. Clarence G: Data Transfer
  4. Egyptian Lover: Living On The Nile
  5. Egyptian Lover: Planet E
  6. BFC: Static Friendly
  7. Suburban Knight: Infra Red Spectrum
  8. Neon Judgement: The Fashion Party
  9. Suburban Knight: Maroon
  10. Martian: Base Station 303
  11. Surgeon: Magneze
  12. Jeff Mills: I9
  13. Crash Course In Science: Cardboard Lamb
  14. AFX: 46 Analord-Masplid
  15. AFX: PWSteal.Bancos.Q
  16. AFX : Trojan.Killav.E
  17. Subjects vs Jeff Mills: Dark Matter
  18. Ceephax Acid Crew: Stormdrain
  19. Ceephax Acid Crew: 3 Note Safari
  20. DJ Mayhem: Stormtrooper
  21. DJ Mayhem: M Power
  22. Brainkillers & Remarc: Press The Buzzer
  23. X Men: Tearin (Informer)
  24. Simpleton & Remarc: Unity (Remix)
Brief chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


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