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  • 1982-10-13


  • Icon AD. First broadcast of one and only session.
  • Associates #2. Repeat of session first broadcast 19 April 1982. Released on 'The Radio One Sessions 1981-1983' (Strange Fruit SFRSCD115, 2003)


  • 1919: Repulsion (7") Red Rhino
  • Icon AD: No Hope (session)
  • Ranking Ann: Love On A Mountaintop
  • Teardrop Explodes: Second Head (LP - Kilimanjaro)
  • The Same: Downtown (7") Unlikely
  • Associates: Australia (session)
  • Roy Rogers: Cowboy Night Herd Song
  • Big Country: Harvest Home (single) Phonogram
  • Prince Buster: Dance Cleopatra (?) Bluebeat
  • Icon AD: Clockwork Orange (session)
(JP: "Walters, whose function on these occasions seems to be basically to demoralise me, tells me that my attempts to speak with a German accent actually sound Welsh. I don't think this is true for a moment. And so I'm rather hesitant about saying once again 'Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft'...")
  • Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft: Ein Bisschen Krieg (LP - Für Immer) Virgin
  • Triston Palma: Two Timer (LP - Joker Smoker) Greensleeves
  • Associates: Love Hangover (session)
  • Stick Men: Level Head
  • Alhaji Kollington Ayinla & His African Fuji 78 Organization: Austerity Measure (LP - Austerity Measure)
  • Diagram Brothers: Fondue Soiree ('Discordo 45' 10") New Hormones
  • Icon AD: Ransom (session)
  • UB40: Don't Do The Crime (LP - UB44) DEP International
  • Pencils: If You Really Want To Hurt Somebody (single)
  • Associates: A Severe Case Of Career Insecurity (session)
  • Serious Drinking: Love On The Terraces (single) Upright
  • China Crisis: No More Blue Horizons (12") single
  • Fleetwood Mac: No Place To Go (?) Blue Horizon
  • Augustus Pablo: Lightning & Thunder (LP - Earth Rightful Ruler)
  • Icon AD: Cancer (session)
  • Darkness & Jive: Tarzan (b-side 'Hooked On You' single) Red Rhino
(JP: "They're bridging the considerable gulf between Adam Ant and Marc Bolan.")
  • Associates: Waiting For The Love Boat (session)
  • Anne Clark: Short Story (LP - The Sitting Room) Red Flame
  • Pastels: Heavens Above ('Songs for Children' 7") Whaam!
  • Icon AD: Face The Facts (session)
  • XXOO: Tracks Of My Tears (b-side 7") Press Records


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