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  • 1991-10-13
  • The show now seems to be complete. The tracks from the Dance Edit mixtapes files e-f splice in fairly well with the main guitar edit files a-d. For the dance tracks not back-announced on the main files, the precise order of tracklisting is deduced, and the order of the Para-noi-ya and Public Enemy tracks is reversed from that on the mixtape as that fits with the timings and timechecks.
  • Peel is enthusiastic about the Smashing Pumpkins session, but less pleased about somebody apparently naming him Radio One's #2 new music DJ.
  • PJ Harvey recorded their first session that very day.


  • Smashing Pumpkins, one and only session. Recorded 1991-09-08. No known commercial release.
  • One By One, one and only session (rpt). Recorded 1991-06-18. No known commercial release.


File a starts 9:28

File b

File c

  • MC Buzz B: 'Never Change (12")' (Polydor) (back announced only) 5:50 #
  • Mono Men: 'Watch Outside (7"-Booze)' (Estrus)
  • One By One: 'Power Of Lump / World On Fire' (Peel Session)
  • Mabel John: 'Sweet Devil (Compilation CD-1000 Volts Of Stax)' (Ace)
  • (1.00 a.m. news - edited out) 9:48 into file
  • Our American Cousins: 'One Wish Too Many (LP-Various Artists - One Last Kiss) SpinArt
  • (edit)
  • MC 900ft Jesus: Killer Inside Me (12") Nettwerk only on § @
  • Jordan Chataika: 'Ndawana Shamwari'
  • Frogs Of War: 'Transmit The Message (LP-All Said And Done)' (Full Circle)
  • Meatfly: 'Message (LP-Fatness)' (Vinyl Japan)
  • (edit)
  • Prento Youth: No Cocaine (12") Music Of Life NOTE 55 only on §
  • Philistines Jr.: 'Reggie Jackson (12"-Greenwich, CT)' (Tarquin)
  • Fitz Of Depression: 'Waiting For Your Move (7"-The Awakening)' (Meat)
  • (edit)
  • Rum & Black: Wicked (Original) (12" - Wicked (Remix) / Zombies At Dawn) Shut Up And Dance SUAD 25 only on §
  • Smashing Pumpkins: 'Smiley' (Peel Session)
  • Conway Twitty: 'The Story Of My Love (LP-It's Only Make Believe)' (Metro)
  • PJ Harvey: 'Dry (12")' (Too Pure)
  • Nitty Gritty: 'Dollar (?)' (Diamond)

File d

  • One By One: 'Spineless / Knee Jerk' (Peel Session)
  • Freddy De Majunga: 'Djen-Djen-A (CD-La Fête Au Village)' (Sonodisc) §
(JP: 'Neil James awaits you on the other side of the news.')
Tracks marked # on file e JP Dance 91 L060
Tracks marked § on file f
Tracks marked @ on File g

File d continues


  • a) L047.1
  • b) L047.2
  • c) L049.1
  • d) L049.2
  • e) L060.2
  • f) L053.1
  • 1) 1991-09-xx-10-xx Peel Show LE117
  • a) 00:42:45 (from 00:09:28)
  • b) 00:43:46
  • c) 00:42:36
  • d) 00:46:49 (to 00:10:01)
  • e) 00:47:19 (from 16:24)
  • f) 00:41:06 (to 19:14)
  • 1) 1:36:20 (from 1:07:17)