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  • 1999-10-13
  • Start of show: "Well, good evening. Lammo played the A side about five minutes ago: this is the B side, or possible the C side, actually." [1]
  • For the first time, the Peelenium is extended to five tracks: at the last moment, Peel asked for the Arthur Alexander track to be included, and Lynn (who had compiled it) did not wish to exclude the others.
  • A listener who remembers John playing the Mike Spenser And The Cannibals track as part of his 40th birthday shows (see 30 August 1979) prompts John to haul it out again.
  • John reminds his listeners that there will be no programme the following night (to make way for the Musik Magazine Awards) or indeed the following week (when he took his holiday).



  • (a snatch of the last record from Steve Lamacq's programme - file a only)
  • Soulbossa: 'In The Wrong (7")' (Dishy)
(JP: 'In case you're slightly puzzled by some of the things that have been going on this evening, the fact is that there's been a Radio 1 photograph being taken this evening, which is why I'm here in London and not at Peel Acres at all, and why Steve Lamacq was actually on tape, and that's why he kept saying that I was at Peel Acres, when in fact I'm sitting in the studio next door to where he would have been sitting if he hadn't been on tape. Hope that makes some sense to you.')

Peelenium 1961

  1. Shep & The Limelites: 'Daddy's Home (7")' (Pye International)
  2. Roy Orbison: 'Running Scared (7")' (Monument)
  3. Dick Dale And The Del-Tones: 'Let's Go Trippin' (7")' (Deltone) [6]
  4. Don & Juan: 'What's Your Name (7")' (Big Top)
  5. Arthur Alexander: 'You Better Move On (7")' (Dot)
  • DJ T-1000: 'They Will All Betray You (2xLP-Progress)' (Tresor)
  • Rooney: 'A Friend Who Forgot/Birdsong' (Peel Session)
(JP: "Sorry about calling them Rodney. The thing is I always think of Liverpool, and I always think in terms of Rodney Street, which is where I used to go to the dentist when I was a lad. Does that make any sense? Probably not.")


  • a) Peel Show 1999-10-13
  • b) jp131099.mp3
  • a) 02:03:09
  • b) 01:59:40
  • a) Many thanks to the taper.
  • b) Many thanks to max-dat.
  1. He is actually referring to the Hefner EP, not the Soulbossa track, since the Hefner CD single had three tracks.
  2. A Jonathan Richman cover, originally recorded for Steve Lamacq's show (1999-04-12).
  3. A Misunderstood cover: the original loomed large in John's life.
  4. One of the five tracks that made the Peelenium for this year (see 19 January 2000).
  5. JP claims not to know when this was issued: according to 45cat, it was January 1978. It turned up in John Peel's Record Box.
  6. Of course, this had by now become the theme tune for Home Truths.