• 1983-09-13
  • JP: "The Pig always really rather dreads our winning the pools, which is unlikely to happen. We've budgeted for it already, of course. But she knows perfectly well that if we did win I should spend most of the money on recording bands. I mean, I'd really like to have a record by 3D, I must say."
  • Peel mentions a new band from Manchester called James, whose record he promises to play in tomorrow night's show.
  • The Popticians were the vehicle for Luton's finest, John Hegley.


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Part 1

(JP: "Well they may not have a team that's capable of winning the title, but Manchester's certainly coming up with the bands at the moment.")
  • Tools You Can Trust: The Work Ahead Of Us (b-side of the previous 7") Red Energy Dynamo
  • Undertones: Girls That Don't Talk (LP - Hypnotised) Sire
  • 3D: Brave Boys Paradise (Peel session)
  • Serious Drinking: TV Song (LP - The Revolution Starts At Closing Time) Upright

Part 1 ends

Part 2 starts

  • Fall: Kicker Conspiracy (7") Rough Trade
  • Fall: Container Drivers (Peel session) (7" b-side) Rough Trade
  • Fall: Wings (7" b-side) Rough Trade
  • Popticians: Mobile Home (Peel session)
  • Alton Ellis: Can I Change My Mind (LP - Best Of Studio One) Heartbeat
  • 3D: Stay (Peel session)
  • This Mortal Coil: Song To The Siren (single) 4AD
  • Augustus Pablo: Mr Bassie (LP - King David's Melody)
  • Xmal Deutschland: Incubus Succubus II (7") 4AD

Part 2 ends


  • (1) 1983-09-13 #1 (3D, Popticians sessions).mp3
  • (2) 1983-09-13 #1 (3D, Popticians sessions).mp3
  • (3) JP-13-9-83
  • (1) 30.23
  • (2) 30.24
  • (3) 1.27.23
  • (1, 2) Re-up via Peel Mailing List. Recorded by DuffPaddy. Encoded by Baz.
  • (3) Covers all of (1,2), plus all additional parts of the show on above tracklisting. Sound quality is also better. Many thanks to Darren.
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