• BBC Radio One
  • 1972-04-14
  • Tracklisting below is from Volume 2(ii) of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ.
  • The Midnight Movers track (a cover version of a Beatles song from their "White Album") is not on PasB. The Mick Softley session track ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ seems to have been dropped to make way for it.
  • ‘Stranger In Blue Suede Shoes’ (on PasB) appears as ‘Clarence’ [In Wonderland?] on Decktician’s Log.
  • The Johnstons were thought of as more middle-of the-road than many of the folk and folk-rock artists who did sessions for Peel. But on their session they sing contemporary material from their current album, If I Sang My Song, including the title track - and even do a version of Little Richard's "Ready Teddy". Not standard material for an Irish folk band, although singer Paul Brady would go on to record rockier material during his solo career.
  • Little Richard himself appears in the playlist, along with rock'n'roll cover versions by Foghat ("Maybelline" by Chuck Berry) and Humble Pie (Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody").


  • Kevin Ayers #3 First broadcast. Recorded 1972-03-21.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Johnstons #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 1972-03-27.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Mick Softley #1 Repeat. First broadcast 18 February 1972. Recorded 1972-01-31.
    • First play of The Land Of The Crab’. ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ and ‘Just Flew In On A Jet Plane’ not played.
    • No known commercial release.
  • Budgie #1 Repeat. First broadcast 25 February 1972. Recorded 1972-02-01.



  • Tracklisting only.
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