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  • 1995-04-14
  • John is in particular funny form on this show, whether teasing fellow DJs, poking fun at labels, or pricking the Beeb’s own pomposity bubble.
  • He has great fun with a Hole "exclusive" announcement, which refers to him as Mike. Comes complete with a brilliant half-assed fake jingle from the staff.
  • It is Sound City the following week from Bristol and JP notes that the promo indicated he will host a program with interviews from fascinating people he has met during the week. He speculates that he will now spend the week wandering the streets of Bristol in search of said fascinating people.
  • On the news front, fishing rights in EU seems like a brewing issue centered around Spanish fishing boats with undersized nets – such innocent times.


  • Aphex Twin, #2. Recorded 1995-04-10. No known commercial release.
  • Vorhees, #1. Recorded 1995-03-21. No known commercial release.


Part one

JP: "This EP is a major favourite at Peel Acres. Sonic Subjunkies - I know it's an awful name, but it's a great record."
JP: "Here in the Radio One studios we have this rather officious little indicator which flashes red every time - well, it says 'warning: headphone level too high'. I'm pleased to say it remained red throughout that entire track."
JP: "Our other session this evening comes from the Aphex Twin and Mr Twin was so elsewhere that he didn't give us any titles to the various pieces, so this is just, well, track one."
JP: "At the suggestion of the technical staff tonight we'll call that Swinging Safari II."
JP: "I know in 1995 it's not fashionable to listen to American bands, but sometimes late at night when the rest of the family's in bed I still do."

Part two

JP: "You probably read in the papers about the track Long Finn Killie recorded with Mark E Smith. I've had a cassette of it in the front of my car for three or four weeks now and I'm fed up with not being able to play it on the radio, so from the cassette here it is. I think it's pretty neat of course, but then Mark E Smith reading the telephone directory would go down a storm with me."
JP: "That's the Trashwomen, famous for, as far as I'm concerned anyway, for going shopping when they were invited to do a session for the programme; perhaps the right decision."
JP: "The Badlands records people make much of the fact that their label is apparently Steve Lamacq's favourite label, so this comes with the endorsement of the Evening Session."

Part three

JP: "17 years old, you know."
JP: "Mind you, I think titles are a bit of an outworn concept anyway. Why bother with them at all?"

Part four

  • Northern Uproar: Rollercoaster (Compilation LP: Northern Exposure) (Resolution)
JP: "I'm pressing for Sound City 96 to be Broadstone, Dorset. I don't think we're going to get very far with that, but this is the reason why."
JP: "This is.... AC."
  • Anal Cunt: Stayin' Alive (Single) (Earache)
JP: "The very least that the song deserves, I think."

JP: "That's the King County Derelicts" John incorrectly credits the Citizen's Utilities song to King County Derelicts which is the name of the song on the B-side of the single.

JP: "They don't sound like the sort of people that you would mess with, do they?"
  • Prizna Feat the Demolition Man: Fire (12": Fire) (Labello Blanco)
  • End of show


  • a) Peel19950414 Aphex Twin Vorhees a-d.mp3
  • b) Peel Show 1995-04-14

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