• 1982-08-14
  • Sixth and final show in the 1982 series of Peel's Pleasures.
  • The tracklisting details below come from the collection of Peel Mailing List member grang354.
  • Peel admits that he was the only boy in school who cried when he heard of the death of King George VI in 1952. The record he plays here was also included in his choices for Desert Island Discs, as was the Roy Orbison track.
  • The 'Chris' JP urges to get the phone is producer Chris Lycett.
  • A song by the classical composer Peter Warlock, reportedly the father of Brian Sewell.



(JP: (talking about session tapes) '...tapes were sent back and reused for something like Gardener's Question Time, which are now kept forever in steel-lined cases in a mineshaft somewhere in the Home Counties. But the Bonzo sessions, as I say, went the way of all flesh. They did a wonderful thing called 'The Craig Torso Show', which I should very much like to have on tape. But we have a session from them, from 1969.')
(JP: 'The original, of course, by Bobby Boris Pickett, and as a little sidelight, Paul Gambaccini once phoned Bobby Boris Pickett from our house, and phoned him in New York. It took us some time to recover the money, but that's not the point I was going to make. He was making notes about his phone conversation, and Gambaccini has such a heavy hand that you can still read most of his notes in our kitchen table. Thanks a lot for that, Paul.')
(JP: 'I lived for four years in Dallas Texas. Interesting place it was, too, still is, I suppose, and one of the artistes that I used to see fairly regularly in Dallas was Roy Orbison...very wonderful he was, too.)
(JP: 'And now a comment from our industrial correspondent.')
  • (Recording of news reader who valiantly tries to pronounce 'comment'...and fails.)
  • Hughie Green: Stand Up And Be Counted (patriotic monologue with music, written in response to the economic crisis - the Labour government seeking a loan from the International Monetary Fund - in 1976)
  • Handel: Zadok the Priest (Coronation of King George VI)
  • Bonzo Dog Band: Sofa Head (Peel Session) [1]
  • (BBC Archive recording of a man who attempted to persuade Hitler not to start the Second World War by getting him interested in collecting cigarette cards)
  • Noël Coward: Could You Please Oblige Us With A Bren Gun
  • Bonzo Dog Band: Tent (Peel Session)
  • File 3 cuts in
  • (Recording of an unhelpful secretary from the BBC Archives)
  • Protex: 'Don't Ring Me Up (7 inch)' (Good Vibrations)
  • Peter Warlock: He That Will An Alehouse Keep [LP - Merry-Go-Down (Songs, Catches And Poems, Sociable, Amorous And Bibulous)] Pearl
  • Bonzo Dog Band: We're Gonna Bring It On Home (Peel Session) (cuts out before end in recording #1)
  • (Multiple trailer attempts for Walters' Weekly, resuming next week)
  • File 2 cuts out
  • Christopher Dearnley: Hornpipe (LP - Ceremonial Music for Organ) Oxford University Press
  • Files 1 and 3 end


  • 1) Peel's Pleasures 14-08-1982
  • 2) PP19820814_reconstructed
  • 3) 1982-08-14 Peel's Pleasures L586
  • 4) Peel's Pleasures 14 Aug 1982 complete.mp3
  • 1) 00:46:57
  • 2) 00:59:51
  • 3) 00:18:23
  • 4) 01:00:17
  • 1) Very good sound at 192 kbps. Many thanks to David L for the transfer from his own collection.
  • 2) A different capture to C90, gaps patched & encoded at 256 kbps
  1. This hilarious song includes a silence deliberately written in to challenge the BBC's emergency tape, and a parody of the Plastic Ono Band's 'Give Peace A Chance', apparently substituting 'booze', which prompts Peel to say, 'I wasn't a drinking man then, all that changed fairly rapidly.'
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