• 1985-08-14
  • Tapes 389 and 388 of the Box 400 collection. This is a typical AM mono recording complete with phasing distortion and non-existent treble, as well as some occasional peak level distortion, but once used to that is an enjoyable listen. Like neighbouring tapes in this set it was recorded on some Mari Wilson pre-recorded tapes which had been attacked by a weird white mould. Initially only T388 was playable, but I had a second go at cleaning T389 which is actually from earlier in the show. The two have been combined into a single file.
  • File 1 is two separate 45 minute segments from the show. Of File 1, only one Housemartins session track, 'Flag Day' is missing.
  • Peel plays a track from Guana Batz covering Johnny Cash's You're My Baby.



(JP: 'That's called 'Je Suis Fatigue'. Hey, mon aussi, mon petit choux! Or are cabbages female? How can you take seriously people who sex cabbages?')
(JP: 'I'd like to apologise to any French listeners that we may have, I fully understand that to some people the sex of cabbages and cupboards and other things [is] terrifically important.')
(JP: 'It'll turn out to be wind I expect, it usually is.')
(JP: 'Well there's another brilliant track you may well never have heard before. What I really need actually is a 24 hour radio station. BBC Radio Peel, that's what I'm after.')
(JP: 'See? If it's cascading guitars you want, Wylie was ahead of the field. What a man!')


  • 1) 1985-08-14 Tapes 388 and 389.mp3
  • 2) 020A-B0553XXXXXXX-0100A0.mp3
  • 3) 020A-B0553XXXXXXX-0101A0.mp3
  • 1) 01:30:28
  • 2) 00:58:13
  • 3) 01:01:41
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