• 1990-08-14
  • Sixth of eight shows in the Fall In August series.
  • Start of show: "It's the 14th of May 1985, and Smith, Smith, Scanlon, Rogers, Burns and (Steve) Hanley recorded a new session, which we'll hear later on. Meanwhile, back on Radio 1, pre-FM, a slimmer, lovelier Peel is playing this."
  • John recalls records that he played featuring Radio 1 DJs, including the Trainspotters (Mike Read) and Dawn Chorus & The Blue Tits (Liz Kershaw). The latter's Undertones cover is aired in this show.



(JP: 'A somewhat crucial record, in its own way.')
(JP: 'When I've been putting these special Fall In August programmes together, I've made a point of not listening to any of the records prior to playing them to you again, and that one's much better than I remember it being.')
(JP: 'I think it's probably true to say that I get more requests for records by Hüsker Dü than by any other defunct band.')
(JP: 'I suppose the possibility exists that one of these days I shall get fed up with hearing the Fall, but not for several decades yet, I think.')
(JP: 'As members of my family will confirm, if you're interested, my memory is completely shot to pieces: too much aluminium in my diet, eating those hubcaps, I think, and I simply cannot remember, in fact if you were to say to me, "Have you ever played a record by They Might Be Giants?" I would almost certainly have said no to you. But, checking through the old running orders, I found there was a flexi-disc, probably worth a great deal of money now.')
(JP: 'Well, have they done anything that good since?')
(JP: 'People tell me that my early Wedding Present singles are now worth a great deal of money as well. Ah my goodness me, am I going to have a splendid old age.')
(JP: 'Oh, I was sorry to see him go. It really hurt.') [2]
  • (News at 10.00 p.m.


  • Peel Show 1990-08-14
  • 01:31:04
  • Many thanks to the taper.
  1. Peel mentions that he is given thanks on the cover of this LP. He also recalls writing them fan letters and begging for them to record special tracks to broadcast as sessions, but this never happened.
  2. A reference to Orbison's early death at the age of 52 on December 6, 1988.
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