• 1980-02-14
  • The last hour or so of the programme finds JP in a very urbane mood with not even a hint of the day on which it was broadcast.
  • The last four tracks on JLP002 and the first on JLP003 are either from an otherwise missing section of this show or the show from the previous evening.


  • Visitors, #1. Recorded 1980-02-06. No known commercial release. 'Pattern' and 'The Orcadian' missing from this recording.
  • Stiffs, #1. Recorded 1980-02-05. No known commercial release. 'Let's Activate' and 'Innocent Bystander' missing from this recording.


  • Planxty: 'Smecono Horo (LP-After The Break)' (Tara) (last few seconds)
  • Buttocks: 'Bonanza (EP-The Buttocks)' (Konnexshen)
  • Stiffs: 'Brookside Riot Squad' (Peel Session)
  • Magazine: 'Song From Under The Floorboards (7 inch)' (Virgin)
  • (JP: 'Very good, that, I think: it gets better every time I hear it. I look forward to the subsequent singles, there are supposed to be several in the next month, and the LP, and indeed everything else. I look forward to everything, that's the kind of twerp I am.')
  • Visitors: 'Our Glass' (Peel Session)
  • (JP: 'Not the sort of people who are going to bring whooppee cushions to your parties.')
  • X-O-Dus: 'English Black Boys (12 inch-B side of See Them A Come)' (Factory)
  • Chords: Maybe Tomorrow (7") Polydor
  • Sad Among Strangers: 'Better View Of Baxter (7 inch)' (Brave Tales)
  • Anorexia: 'Pets (7 inch)' (Slim)
  • Stiffs: 'Best Place In Town' (Peel Session)
  • Slight Seconds: 'Chameleon Lens (LP-Waiting Room)' (Object)
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: 'Red Frame White Light (7 inch)' (Dindisc)
  • Fabulous Thunderbirds: 'She's Tough (7 inch)' (Chrysalis)
  • Visitors: 'Exploiting The Masters' (Peel Session)
  • Rod Taylor: 'If Jah Should Come Now (LP-If Jah Should Come Now)' (Little Luke)
  • Skids: 'Animation (7 inch)' (Virgin)
  • Cowboy Copas: 'Pickin' The Blues' (allegedly the original of Peel's sig, although even he admits it sounds nothing like it)


  • 1980-02-14 John Peel Radio 1 (Incomplete).mp3
  • 01:02:30
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