• 1994-01-14
  • 'Thanks Pete.'
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  • Skinned Teen. One and only session. Recorded 05 December 1993. No known commercial release.
  • Radial Spangle. Repeat of one and only session first broadcast 21 August 1993. Session recorded 1993-07-20. Available on the Beggars Banquet 12" / CDS – Birthday.


(JP: I've been looking forward to this next session ever since I went to see Skinned Teen play at the Rough Trade Shop in Covent Garden, London, and felt rather as though I'd walked into somebody else's sleepover and shouldn't have been there at all.)
(JP: ‘You can tell there have been changes here over the past few weeks because in the studio that I’m in tonight there’s like a little sofa thing with well its probably called a throw cushion on it and in addition to that, there’s a kind of bedside light and a little rug, obviously made by child slave labour in one of those countries you go to for your holidays I rather suspect. The final touch is the fact that there’s an empty matchbox on the desk here and it comes from the fifth floor restaurant café bar, Harvey Nicholls, Knightsbridge. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.’)
(10:30 news)
(JP: ‘For our next selection Dropdead from Garland Texas, set Virginia Bottomley’s advice to the unborn to music. This is ‘Deliver Yourself.’)
(JP ..and this is C6H12O6.and The Pig who used to teach chemistry tells me that’s glucose.)
(11:30 news)


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  • 4) 1994-01-14 Peel Show L547 L548
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