• 1987-07-14
  • Peel plays a session from FSK covering Beatles songs.
  • Peel plays two tracks from Napalm Death's Scum LP and plays their track You Suffer backwards and forwards after playing the tune, which he called candidate for the shortest track ever.
  • Peel mentions last week the Pig and three of the children had a car crash, where his son William had a black eye and she was bruised and the car was written off. He also says that William has had a tough ole week, because today he fell of his bike and split his forehead, whilst cycling in the village.
  • Peel plays a track from General Trees called Bionic Teeth, which is a cover of Bobby Day's Rockin' Robin.
  • Peel says that he is sulking like mad, that he's not been able to go to Russia after the Janice Long trailer. A year later, he travelled to the country and made a radio documentary called John Peel In Russia.
  • Peel plays two tracks from the Lets Try Another Ideal Guest House compilation album, which is raising money for Shelter, an anti-homelessness charity organisation.
  • Peel mentions reading an American trade magazine and saw a record advertisement from a band called Sex Clark Five, which he said he will try and get a record by the group.
  • Peel mentions that he was going to play a 12" track from the Australian band Lizard Train, but found the record warped and decides to play a track from Couch Flambeau.



(Janice Long in Russia trailer)


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