• 1998-07-14
  • Start of show: 'Hey it's Kat's Karavan'
  • Peel mentions forecasting every World Cup football match this year incorrectly and that included the final where he thought Brazil would beat France, which they didn't. He compensates that, by playing the French national anthem (La Marseillaise) from the Finnish Shouting Choir called Mieskuoro Huutajat.
  • Peel mentions that his sons William and Tom were impressed with Xol Dog 400's performance at Meltdown, but thinks the audience should have done more than watching him perform. He goes on to say that Xol Dog 400's real name is Christian and thought he was a nice bloke.
  • Peel plays a session track from Magoo covering the Turtles' Happy Together and says that his all time favourite line from a song was from the Turtles' Elenore, which features the lyrics 'Elenore gee, I think you're swell, and you really do me well, you're my pride and joy et cetera'.
  • Peel mentions buying the Orson Welles record from the Rough Trade shop in London W11 and found out that it includes a cigar with it.
  • Peel mentions the Shrink track from a CD compilation is Underground Beats Volume 14, but is actually Volume 15 according to the discogs website notes.


  • Magoo #4. Recorded: 1998-05-12


(JP: 'This is an excellent single from Hottis Inc and that's based in, I suppose Kingston in Jamaica. Ini Kamoze featuring Sizzla, Red Rose and a bloke out of Gang Starr, this is Competition In Fear, could have been a football record, I'm not quite sure that was the intention')
(JP: 'These are the Impact All Stars, this is yet another extraordinary record on Blood & Fire records, is it worth saying once again, how astonished we are Mick Hucknall [1] is involved in this, I don't think it is, it's been said too often, but this track is majestic. If this compilation had not existed, I've would not have heard it. The Impact All Stars, Original Version Chapter 3)
(JP: 'Before I get to the first tune of Half Man Half Biscuit, an interesting fax, you may have seen this already, for all I know, it could have been through all the papers, but I've not seen it, from Harmesh, who sent me a fax, and he says, World Cup quarter-finalists, A - Argentina, B - Brazil, C - Croatia, D - Denmark, E - nothing, it should have been us, F - France, G - Germany, H - Holland, I - Italy, wow! that is spooky') $
(Peel chats to Mary Anne Hobbs)


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  • 2) 1998-07-xx Peel Show LE421
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  1. Singer of Simply Red, a man Peel detested.