• 1972-03-14
  • Tracklisting below was originally compiled from Volume 2(ii) of the Decktician Logs. Many thanks to Decktician, Ken Garner for copying and additional information, and Rocker for acting as central HQ. The later discovery of the audio of the show has allowed one or two additions and corrections to be made.
  • KG: Tractor track replaced scheduled play for Al Stewart’s ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’.
  • Playlist includes tracks by Irish artists, at a time when (as heard on the news bulletins) violence in Northern Ireland was increasing. Peel says the Johnstons (now down to a duo of Adrienne Johnston and Paul Brady) used to invite him to play football with them, but he chickened out after seeing Gaelic football on television. The album by Callinan-Flynn was ignored at the time but became a collector's item
  • Peel describes Henry Cow as winners of Rockortunity Knocks, a contest “which attracted attention as far away as the next room”.
  • He reckons Pete Atkin isn’t more popular “because he enunciates so clearly
  • A touch of old-time religion at the end, with a track by Christian singer Larry Norman followed by Commander Cody's "Family Bible".



  • Groundhogs: Music Is The Food Of Thought (session)
  • Callinan-Flynn: Fortune For The Finder (LP - Freedom's Lament) Mushroom 150 MR18
  • Tractor: Stoney Glory (7") Dandelion 2001-282
  • Henry Cow: I Came To See You (session)
  • Pete Atkin: A King At Nightfall (session)
  • Groundhogs: Bogroll Blues (session)
  • On Friday at 5 o’clock, says JP, he’ll be having tea with Larry Norman
  • Larry Norman: Forget Your Hexagram (LP - Upon This Rock) Key KL 010
  • Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen: Family Bible (LP - Lost In The Ozone) Paramount SPFL 276
  • Show ends. Produced by Pete Ritzema - John Walters is "thinking profound thoughts on the Isle Of Wight", says Peel.
  • Midnight news with Ray Moore. Main stories: Reactions to opposition leader Harold Wilson’s visit to Ireland during “Ulster crisis”; Widgery tribunal into Londonderry shootings, bomb goes off in Belfast, IRA leader freed in Dublin; Royal Navy spy’s wife speaks to BBC; man jailed in Gibraltar for trafficking in cannabis turns out to be undercover CID agent; 16 army bandsmen injured when roof of Royal School of Military Music collapses on them, 


  • J P Top Gear 14 March 1972 complete.mp3
  • 02:02:53
  • Many thanks to the original taper, and to Tim for purchasing from eBay and digitisation. Very good VHF recording.
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