• 1992-03-14
  • "A roaring start..."
  • (K) This was the show which featured the debut `freakout' session by Spiritualized, and several other scoops as well: three tracks from The Fall's new 12-inch; three tracks from the forthcoming new LP by P J Harvey `Dry'; three tracks from the new Pavement LP `Slanted and Enchanted'; three from The Meathooks; and a repeat of Leatherface's session.
  • Sipho Bhengu track was in John Peel's Record Box, which held some of his personal favourites and became the subject of a TV documentary after his death. Peel says here that the Sipho Bhengu single was "the first African record I ever played on the radio, back in 1971" and reveals it was given to him by photographer Jill Furmanovsky.
  • Much more about this show and the recording of the Spiritualized session in chapter 1 of Ken Garner's now out of print In Session Tonight (1993). Extracts from the chapter are now available in the files section of the Peel Mailing List homepage. Many thanks to Ken for this. His full updated story of the John Peel Show in The Peel Sessions (London: BBC Books), 2007.
  • Final track is played with following day's racing event in mind. JP not sure which other Radio One DJs apart from Kershaw will turn up.
  • It was only recently noticed (with the Lee Tapes) that John had sneaked in an unofficial release from Cream.




File a starts here (end of Andy Kershaw show, handover)

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  • Cybersonik: Thrash (12 inch single) Plus 8
  • Leatherface: Peasant In Paradise (Peel session)
  • Pointblank: (Planting Semtex (12 inch single) Kold Sweat
  • Fall: Everything Hurtz (LP – Code: Selfish) Cog Sinister
  • King Tubby: Jam Down (CD – King Tubby’s Special 1973-76) Trojan
  • Crane: Colourblind (EP – Big Sea) Elemental


  • Big Black: Il Duce (single) Homestead
  • Boo Radleys: Skyscraper (CD – Everything’s Alright Forever) Creation
  • Cutty Ranks: The Agony (single) Fashion
  • PJ Harvey: Joe (LP – Dry) Too Pure – continues after tape flip


  • PJ Harvey: Joe / Plants And Rags / Fountain (LP – Dry) Too Pure

File b ends
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File d begins

JP: "That's the record that I bought and took to the jazz club at my school. I hoped that it would gain me a kind of entrance to... I'd become acceptable if I had that, because I thought it was a great record and they laughed at it. And I was right and they were wrong."


File d ends
File e begins


  • Spiritualized: Smiles (Peel session) – continues after tape flip
  • Gigolo's: Night Creature (v/a album – Surf Creature) Romulan UFO X05
  • Cream: Falstaff Beer Commercial not announced by John, and segued in with the tracks either side.
  • Terminator: Soul-Joking (12") Rave 55 R 5507
  • Verve: All In The Mind (single) Hut
  • Fall: Married, 2 Kids (LP – Code: Selfish) Cog Sinister
  • Dynametrix: 'I’m Not A Weakling (12"-Keep Da Crowd Dancing)' (Kold Sweat)
  • Sebadoh: Truly Great Thing (CD – Sebadoh III) Homestead
  • Leatherface: I Want The Moon (Peel session)

File e ends


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  • b) 1992-03-14 JP L281a
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  • d) 1992-03-14 JP L281b
  • e) 1992-03-14 Peel Show L268
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