• 1986-05-14
  • Start of show: "Here we are in exciting stereo, you know I've just been sitting here in the studio musing on life and haven't worked out what I was going to say at the start of the programme. So I just say we got a new session from Primal Scream, one from 1975 from John Cale and also one or two tracks from a Portsmouth compilation cassette, we start of with this wonderful new record by Half Pint."
  • Peel dedicates the Half Pint record to a listener who owns a record shop who mentioned how he enjoyed the Video Jukebox programme last week, despite him and John Walters having reservations about doing the show.
  • Peel says the lyrics of Jimmy Lewis' The Girl From Texas mentions a place called Cut And Shoot in Texas, which he had been to when living in America.
  • Peel mentions being non-religious after hearing religious programmes on the radio, thinking that they don't talk much sense.
  • Peel mentions that Janice Long played the B-side track Money Changes Everything from the Smiths' Bigmouth Strikes Again single an hour ago.
  • Peel mentions seeing Sonic Youth and Jesus And Mary Chain in London last week in concert.
  • Peel plays the Top Of The Toppers cover version of David Bowie's Starman.



(JP: 'Well if the LP is good as that, all of us here on the John Peel wingding will say THUMBS UP guys, those were the Smiths, Bigmouth Strikes Again, the new single. This is from the Redskins, our loony leftie spot tonight') [1]
(JP: 'We could be faced here with another loony leftist spot, this is Jerry Lewis')
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  • 1:59:55
  1. The Redskins were all supporters of the Socialist Workers Party, a far left Trotskyite political party.
  2. The group featured well known American hip hop artist Jay-Z.
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