• 1993-05-14
  • John has been to see the Fall in Cambridge earlier in the Week. (Junction, Monday 10 May 1993).
  • The Phantom Fifty reaches number 15.
  • John’s disappointed that he didn't receive any entries at all for last week’s exciting Sebadoh competition. On reflection he thinks he may have given out a 'silly' address. He says he’s going to look for the entries and give the results out in tomorrow’s show.
  • John apologises for a ‘degree of chaos’ in the show. He’s put the programme together with 75 minutes of music to play in an hour and only 45 minutes of music in the second hour.



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(JP: They [the Fall] were at their most non committal really actually, at Cambridge, but it was nevertheless a great joy to see them....This is one of the first songs that I learnt the words of, along with "if you roll a silver dollar down upon the ground it will roll cos its round".)
(JP: ‘Our Tom is in Normandy on a school trip and he might just be able to hear this programme. If you’re listening Tom here’s one’s for you.’)
(JP: ‘Thanks very much. Some sound musical judgement in the newsroom too’. After they briefly play Elvis following news of the sale of one his guitars for £99,000 at auction.)

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(JP: 'Oh, they're playing my song.')

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1991 Festive Fifty

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(JP: ‘ a curious coincidence the Pig and our William went to see them [PJ Harvey] play at the University of East Anglia this evening and by all accounts a perfectly startlingly wonderful night. And by how much I wish that I’d been there.’)

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(JP: ‘That’s it for me for tonight’s programme, thanks very much for listening to it and it’s over to you Lynn.’)

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  • 1) Peel Show 1993-05-14
  • a) 1993-05-14 JP L285
  • b) 1993-05-14 JP L288a
  • c) 1993-05-14 Peel Show L445.mp3
  • d) 1993-05-14 JP L288b
  • e) 1993-05-14 JP L289
  • 1) 02:58:33
  • a) 00:41:18
  • b) 00:18:17
  • c) 00:38:03
  • d) 00:40:12
  • e) 00:38:07
  • 1) Many thanks to the original taper.
  • a) File created from L285 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  • b) and d) Files created from L288 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
  • c) File created from L445 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by SB.
  • e) File created from L289 of the SL Tapes. Digitised by ML.
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