• 1994-10-14



  • Alec Empire: Destroyer Part 2 (EP: Digital Hardcore) DIGITAL HARDCORE=DHR=1 %
  • Meredith: Mirrors Mine (EP: Weird Music) Sticky==09
  • Eric's Trip: This Way Out (CD: Forever Again) SUB POP=SPCD=136336
  • Fugees Tranzlator Crew: I Shot The Sherrif (Peel Session)
  • Silver Jews: Trains Across The Sea (LP: Starlite Walker) DOMINO=WIGLP=15
  • Voorhees: Kid Gloves (LP: Spilling Blood Without Reason) ARMED WITH ANGER=AWA=08
  • Datblygu: Clyb 11 18 (Club 11 18) (Peel Session)
  • Banco De Gaia: Kincajou (v/a album - Trance Europe Express 3) Volume TEEX 3 %
  • Rip Offs: Fed Up (album - Got A Record) Rip Off RIP OFF #006 @
  • Outlander: Shades of Perception (CD: In Order To Dance 5) R/S==94036CD
  • Nirvana: About A Girl (acoustic version) (CD: About A Girl) GEFFEN=PROCD=4688
  • Fugees Tranzlator Crew: Rebel Rapper (Peel Session)
  • Done Lying Down: I Thought (LP: John Austin Rutledge) ABSTRACT SOUNDS=ABT=099
  • Donkey: Sunbeams And Moonshine GUIDED MISSILE=GUIDE=001
  • Autechre: Glitch (LP: Amber) WARP=LP=25
  • Claustrophobia & Robert Wyatt: Locomotive (CD: Flotsam Jetsam) ROUGH TRADE=R=3112
  • Pussycat Trash: Pussycat Trash vs. Jarvis Cocker (LP: Non Stop Hip Action) SLAMPT==25
  • Datblygu: Wastod Absennol (Always Absent) (Peel Session)
  • Uda Jazz Band: Kaishi Salama Part 1 (7") BUMPING=BIBI=9
  • Spectacle Rpi: Believe In Us (EP: Software For Hardware) PRODUCT FOR THE MASS=PROFT=001
  • Fugees Tranzlator Crew: Hip Hop Music (Peel Session)
  • Flyscreen: She Smokes She Drives And Writes Poetry (CD: Dap Bag) WORDS OF WARNING=WOWCD=40
  • Children of the Bong: Symbol 1 (LP: Feed Your Head 2) ULTIMATE=BARKLP=007
  • Mudhoney: This Gift (LP: Mudhoney) GLITTERHOUSE=GR=0069
  • Chelsea Grin: Face Lifter (12" - Face Lifter) SABRETTES=SR=016
  • Fabric(2): Helpless (LP: Body Of Water) WIIIJA=WCAR=004
  • Frankie Paul: My Sound Jungle (12" - My Sound Jungle) WHITE LABEL==001
  • Datblygu: Mae Arian Yn Tyfutumewn Coed (Peel Session)
  • Man: Taking The Easy Way Out Again (LP: Rhinos Winos And Lunatic) UNITED ARTISTS=UAG=29631
  • Christophe De Babalon: I Own Death (EP: I Own Death) FISCHKOPF=LC=5555
  • Fugees Tranzlator Crew: Tranzlator Jazz (Peel Session)
  • Silver Jews: The Moon Is Number 18 (LP: Starlite Walker) DOMINO=WIGLP=15
  • Optic Eye: Acid PH5 (CD: Quadruped V 1) PLANET DOG=BARKCD=006
  • Simon Joyner: I Went To Our Lady Of Perpetual Healing (LP: The Cowardly Traveler Pays His Toll) SING EUNUCHS=NR=19693
  • God Machine: In Bad Dreams (LP: One Last Laugh in A Place Of Dying) FICTION=FIXH=27
  • Fats Domino: Ain't That A Shame (CD: Spirit Of New Orleans) IMPERIAL==80185121
  • Atari Teenage Riot: Raver Bashing (7") RIOT BEATS==4
  • Flaming Lips: Little Drummer Boy (CD: Providing Needles For Your Balloons) WARNER BROS==245748
  • Hamid Baroudi: Salama (Peace For All) (CD: City No Mad) VIELKLANG=EFA=042232
  • Datblygu: Diarrhoea Berfol (Verbal Diarrhoea) (Peel Session)
  • DJ Bleed: Deaf Dump And Blind (EP: Uzi Party) DIGITAL HARDCORE=DHR=02
  • Jesus & Mary Chain: New York City (CD: Come On) Blanco Y Negro=NEG=73CD
  • Labradford: Julius (7") Merge=MRG=062
  • Track marked @ available on File 1
  • Tracks marked % available on File 2


  • 1) best of peel vol 73 part 1 (with introductions)
  • 2) JOHN PEEL vol1   Tape side A & B
  • 1) 00:47:17 (21:43-23:55)
  • 2) 01:32:52 (17:21-23:58, 1:08:16-1:14:43)
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