• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1990-08-15
  • The penultimate show in Peel's two-week series 'The Fall In August.'
  • Start of show: "Hello, revellers. Tonight we're three-quarters of the way through the Fall In August, although the referee hasn't started looking at his watch yet. Tonight's session comes from September 29th 1985, and you'll hear that shortly, but first, the band you love to hate."



(JP: 'I've just discovered a letter from David Gedge in my copy of it, and what does it say? It says, "Dear John, hope you're all right. Just popped in with this, our new record, hope you like it. Best wishes, see you soon, David." I'm like a father to these people and of course, everybody using the Wedding Present as something to snipe at, everyone from the NME to Grim Humor.')
(JP: 'For those of you puzzled by all this, we're thrashing around roughly in the area of autumn 1985.')
(JP: 'After 18 months, I stopped saying "stet" because people were laughing at me behind my back.')
(JP: 'A member of the technical team that brings you these programmes, in living FM of course, liked that, so we can't have that sort of thing.')
(JP: 'Be honest with me: do you ever have a night when you don't dream about the Fall?')
(JP: 'There's nothing like reggae for gobbling people up really, is there? People come along, make two or three excellent records, and then disappear without a trace.')
(JP: 'Back when dear Edward VII was on the throne, I chose the bands for an ICA Rock Week. Everybody hated it except me.')
(JP: 'Do wish the silly sod would get a new band together and come back over here and frighten us. I always regret the fact that I was too knackered to drive up to Leeds for their last gig.') [1]


  • Peel Show 1990-08-15
  • 01:35:54
  • Many thanks to original taper and uploader.
  1. The "silly sod" being Steve Albini, who would later oblige JP by forming first Rapeman, then Shellac.
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