• 1986-12-15
  • Peel plays a track from an EP called Soul of Haringey, which was given to him by the London Borough Of Haringey and could only be bought in the borough itself.
  • Start of show: "Hi, fans, lots of jolly Yuletide music for you, and a new session from Brilliant Corners, and a repeat of our recent one from the Railway Children. A great number of records to get in between now and midnight, so we'll start."
  • John saw Hank Ballard at the end of last week, "and pretty good he was too." This was at the Hammersmith Palais, London, 1986-12-11 (official release, gig review).



(JP: 'Rather an abrupt start to the programme, I must confess, but I've got a sore throat and speech is hell, but I'll press on regardless anyway, being a pretty plucky kind of a chap.')
(JP: 'When the twist was vogueish, I was living in Dallas, Texas (on Gaston Avenue actually, in case you ever go over there) in an apartment with three people of whom I was really terrified. They used to have twist parties, mainly just them and a whole group of stewardesses from Brannock Airlines, and I used to lock myself in my room and listen to the radio in rather a moody fashion, because I wasn't particularly good at the twist even then. I used to give my records away to people as prizes and I was too frightened of them to say anything. I was a wimp, goodness me: I set new world standards.')
(JP: 'Here's a note from Brilliant Corners suggesting a running order, which I've not followed, curses! and giving me their votes for the Festive Fifty, which are too late. One or two people have phoned in to say, when do we start broadcasting the Festive Fifty, and I think the answer to that, I should know to be honest with you, but I think the answer to that is next Monday, and at some stage, even on Wednesday, I may play numbers 60 to 50 'cos that includes several of my favourites.') [1]


  • Peel 1986-12-15 (p).mp3


  • 2:03:33
  1. However, this never happened.