• 1985-02-15
  • Morrissey and John Peel interview 1985

    Morrissey and John Peel interview 1985

    Richard Skinner presents Round Table, where Peel, Morrissey and Howard Jones review the latest records.
  • Most of the music has been edited out, but comments by the panel have been left in. Worth listening to comments by John Peel and Morrissey, who seem to compete with each other in making the most amusing comments on the show !!
  • Peel mentions doing a gig in Swansea, Wales last night.
  • Peel mentions he had the worst Indian meal with one of the Lotus Eaters.
  • Peel says that he played ZZ Top's first ever single, Francene.
  • Peel explains how he discovered Terry And Gerry.


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(JP: 'I think this is terrible stuff')
(JP: 'Perhaps I need to hear it a few more times, I know that's the usual cop out in these programmes')
(JP: 'The other side of it actually is wonderful by Tam Tam')
(JP: '... completely devoid of character')
(JP: 'I like it')
(JP: 'Well it's appalling obviously, but it's one of those things you find yourself tapping your toes to it as it goes by')
(JP: 'I think it's terrific')
(JP: 'It's one of those records which me hearing on the radio is going to sound longer than it is')
(JP: 'I feel desperately sorry for him, but still it's a rotten record')
(JP: 'This record is horrendous')
(JP: 'The idea of a chainsaw and metal is fine. I like the idea of that')
(JP: 'I wouldn't switch it off')
(JP: 'I like Phil Collins because he gives some credibility to male pattern baldness but the music I'm not keen on')


  • Morrissey and John Peel interview 1985
  • 0:35:39
  • Many thanks to Asleep
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