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  • 1992-02-15
  • Show now appears to be complete. The SL Tapes omit the Mainx track, available on file 4.
  • Says when watching Extreme Noise Terror with KLF at the Brit Awards he felt like their (proud) dad - "these are my boys."
  • John plays the FSK track as a belated Valentine's Day present for the Pig.
  • Liverpool are playing Ipswich the following day (in the 5th round of the FA Cup). All the family are going except JP (preparing for the night's show) and William ("he's not very interested in football"). Peel: "Not torn exactly. Obviously I hope that Liverpool will win it, because I hope they will win everything, but I wish it wasn't Ipswich they were going to have to beat." The match ends in a 0-0 draw, although Liverpool win the replay and eventually go on to win the cup that season.
  • John mentions that our Tom has been allowed to go and see the Wedding Present in Cambridge as a birthday treat.
  • A Homestead Records festival as John plays (at least) four 7" singles from the label. He'd received a parcel of records from them earlier in the day.



  • File 1 and file a begin
(JP: 'Did you watch the Brits awards, I wonder? And if you did, weren't you proud of our boys?')
(JP: 'Once again this year I wasn't invited to the Brits awards but I sat and watched it at home with the family and we were dead proud when Extreme Noise Terror came on right at the start with the KLF. I felt like their dads, sitting there. I felt, 'these are my boys!)
(news at 1 am)
  • File 5
  • DBX: 'On De Ball (12 inch)' (Mendoza Records) (continued)
  • Ashtray: 'Trailer (7 inch)' (Shoe)
  • File 6 ends in the track above
  • The Fall: 'Immortality' (Peel Session) §
  • DJ Keoki Presents Disco 2000: 'The Man And The Snake (12 inch - Volume Two)' (Radikal Records)
  • Tracks marked § also on Peel Early Feb 1992


  • 1-5) Peel Show 1992-02-15 (incomplete) a-e
  • a) 1992-02-15 Peel Show L199a
  • b) 1992-02-15 Peel Show L271a
  • c) 1992-02-15 Peel Show L199b
  • d) 1992-02-15 Peel Show L271b
  • e) 1992-02-15 Peel Show L151
  • 6) John Peel 15 Feb 1992.mp3
  • 1-5) 00:31:22, 00:31:18, 00:27:15, 00:46:40, 00:19:09
  • a) 38:16
  • b) 36:28
  • c) 41:20
  • d) 33:56
  • e) 24:06
  • 6) 1:35:05
  • 1-5) Currently unavailable.
  • a) and c) Mooo
  • b) d) e) Mooo
  • 6) Mooo