• 1988-06-15
  • Peel gets a letter from Fergus The Sheep



  • Misunderstood: My Mind (LP - Before The Dream Faded) Cherry Red
  • Rote Kapelle: San Francisco Again (12") In Tape
  • MC Buzz B: Slap Head (12" with Hard To The Core) Play Hard
  • HDQ: Through My Eyes (Peel Session)
  • Frankie Paul: I Know The Score (LP - Sara) Live And Love
  • Wedding Present: Задумав Дідочок / Zadumav Didochok (Peel Session)
  • July 14th: Lonely Planet (LP - Till We Meet Again) Greasy Pop
  • Ripcord: Poetic Justice (LP - Harvest Hardcore) Raging
  • Joyce McKinney Experience: Armchair Critic (LP - Joyce Offspring) Meantime
  • Hippy Boys: Death Rides [(v/a LP - Blow Mr. Hornsman (Instrumental Reggae 1968 - 1975)] Trojan
  • HDQ: Those Remembered Times (Peel Session)
  • Perfect Disaster: T.V. (Girl On Fire) (LP - Asylum Road) Fire
  • Run-DMC: Ragtime (LP - Tougher Than Leather) London
  • Lip Cream: Don't Speak Too Much (v/a LP - Thrash Til Death) Southern Studios
  • Wedding Present: Верховино / Verkhovyno (Peel Session)
  • Bullet LaVolta: Because You're Mine (12" - Bullet Lavolta) Taang!
  • Funky Ginger with Jo L.: Slaughterhouse (12") Crash Recordings
  • (tape flip)
  • Foyer Des Arts: Frauen In Frieden Und Freiheit (LP - Ein Kuss In Der Irrtumstaverne) FünfUndVierzig
  • HDQ: Believe (Peel Session)
  • Yammie Bolo: Ransom Of A Man's Life (7") Message
  • Weather Prophets: Well Done Sonny (v/a LP - Doing It For The Kids) Creation
  • Perfect Daze: This Side Of Summer (12" - Regular Jailbreak) Vinyl Solution
  • Wedding Present: Давні Часи / Davni Chasy (Peel Session)
(JP: ...That sounds terrifically like Those Were The Days immortalised by Mary Hopkins on a television programme actually the first public performance, the very one I saw the Pig the very first time as a member of the studio audience, I won't go into all of that. And of course they are one presumes one of the same, but this is a tradition number of Ukrainian origins. So you may think this one sounds awfully like Watermelon Man.)


  • Peel Show 1988-06-15(p)
  • 02h 03m 28s


  • Thanks to John Leonhard's Dad for the recording
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