• 1967-03-15
  • This is a short extract from a Wednesday night show, between 10.30-10.45 p.m., hosted by JP that predates the Perfumed Garden and is to date the earliest known recording of him on UK radio. His presentation style is far more upbeat than usual, but is a fascinating example of how he used to sound, despite the low quality. Kenny Everett is mentioned, as John has played one of his records.
  • Like all Radio London's record shows (apart from London After Midnight and the Perfumed Garden) this programme is based around the week's Radio London Fab Forty. However, this extract also includes a "revived 45" - a part of the Radio London format which allowed DJs to select records they liked. Here, JP's choice is Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe", which had charted a few months earlier. Peel and producer John Walters later parodied this idea on Top Gear in 1970, by introducing a short-lived "Disinterred Thirty-Three-And-A-Third" spot (with accompanying jingle), featuring vintage album tracks.


  • None


  • (news read by Mark Roman: students at the LSE suspended for holding demonstrations, and a Commons vote on decimal currency)
  • Turtles: 'Happy Together (7"single)' (London HLU 10115)
(JP: 'I know that you will rejoice with me to learn that I have just recently been voted one of the hundred best DJs called John Peel in the whole world...Kenny Everett...I played his record for him a while ago, with considerable pain and tribulation to myself, I might add, was not listening. So there. I'm never going to do it again, never in a thousand years.')
  • Casinos: 'Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (7"single)' (President PT 123)
  • Sandie Shaw: 'Tell The Boys' (7" EP & other side of 'Puppet on a String', which JP says is "dismal" and "won't stand much chance in San Remo" or wherever the Eurovision Song Contest will be held. It seems that the other DJs agreed, according to the Radio London Fab 40 page for this week, "'Tell The Boys' was the side receiving heavier promotion at this time, being the only side featured in the Curzon Street list and the only side played on the Fab 40 show") (Pye 7N 17272)
  • Jimi Hendrix: 'Hey Joe (7"single)' (Polydor 56139)


  • John Peel - Radio London 1967-03-15 (clip)
  • 00:15:03
  • Historical considerations outweigh quality. Many thanks to the Aznorak archive for permission to share this recording.
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