• 1987-05-15
  • Peel mentions that by the time listeners hear this programme, he'll be at the Eurovision Song Contest in Brussels, Belgium, which he describes as a boyhood dream realised.
  • Peel said he nearly went to see Extreme Noise Terror perform last weekend in Liverpool with the Stupids and Electro Hippies, but didn't go, because he was too tired at the end and too depressed because of Liverpool failing to win the League football title.
  • Peel mentions getting the Lebanese Dabke Orchestra album in Germany, which he plays a track from on the programme.
  • Peel mentions hearing Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You for the first time on Radio Luxembourg when he was a young lad.
  • Peel says he's been to Canada twice, both times to Niagara Falls, which he says strucked him frankly as a pretty dull place, not as dull as Sweden.
  • Peel mentions nobody has written to him, whilst working for Radio Bremen and thinks it maybe some people don't want to write in English, but says that he's got friends that can translate German if people want to write in that language. He also says if he could speak in German, he would do the programme in that language, and appeals to listeners to write letters to him.
  • Peel plays three tracks in a row from Dutch bands signed to the Ediesta label, which includes Eton Crop covering the Nightingales' Paraffin Brain.



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