• 1989-05-15
  • Peel thinks Meat Beat Manifesto is not a great name.
  • Peel congratulates Tranmere Rovers in their promotion and dedicates a record to them by playing an Half Man Half Biscuit track, who are supporters of the football club.
  • Peel mentions that he leaves Peel Acres at 5pm to get to the BBC Studios at 7pm, a 2 hour journey. After people advised him to leave early, Peel left at 2.30, but arrived at 4.30pm and was not a happy man.
  • Peel complains that Gary Davies turns up all the heating in the studio.



(JP: 'Just about the best record ever made about football hooligans.')
(JP: 'I always liked the Kinks back in the very early days when they were sort of an R&B band and this was my favourite number by the Kinks. You could tell it was my favourite number because it's been played a great many of times and sounds very scratchy indeed on the LP, but it has a spiritual quality I think which you cannot deny.')
  • Kinks: So Mystifying £7
(JP: 'That would have gone down extremely well with my brother in law Paul, a great admirer of the Kinks, although subsequently moved onto the Smiths it must be said, So Mystifying, one of their early works and one of their very best I think too.')
(JP: 'Coming up it's the news followed by Nicky Campbell, I bet his studio is really cool, not like this one at all. Thanks very much for listening, goodnight.')
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