• 2002-10-15
  • Peel had endured "a nightmarish drive" into London because of the weather. "If I ever get my hands on the bloke in the BMW sports, whatever those things are called, that carved me up on the roundabout near the Duxford Imperial War Museum - quite happy to do twenty years [laughs]."
  • Staying with the elements, Peel reveals that the road on which Peel Acres stands flooded that evening for the first time that winter. "I was very lucky to get here, by the way."
  • The Trojan compilation LP "Flashing Echo: Trojan In Dub 1970-1980" features on the programme for the first time (disc one, track one). Peel would play tracks from the LP for the next six months, into March 2003.
  • Justine, the vocalist from the band M.A.S.S. has emailed in with some gig dates they'd like John to announce: "It's a strange thing that bands always seem to get - if there's a woman in the band - they always get the woman to email me. Perhaps they just think I'm a susceptible old man." The group are playing tomorrow at the Metro club on London's Oxford Road. Peel suggests they may meet them for a drink beforehand.
  • During the chat with Mary Anne Hobbs, Peel indignantly insists that he really does listen to the rock show when he gets to his hotel room. He claims that he reads in bed with the radio on until about 1 am and then goes to sleep. To tempt John into listening until 2 am, Mary Anne reveals that she has Napalm Death in session on her show. JP: "I saw one of the best gigs of my entire life. Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror in a tiny room somewhere, might have been in Nottingham actually, I can't remember where it was, but somewhere in the Midlands. It was just like an explosion. Just so loud in there and uncompromising and just fantastic."
  • Later on, he "accidentally" lets slip that he actually listens to the BBC World Service before going to sleep.



JP: "Let's start with a record about Lammo."
Starts playing the MC Mabon track by mistake (Wrong Track Moment).
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


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