• 1981-04-16
  • Two mixtapes contain tracks from this show. Liverpool's Night Of Victory contains two separate, and both edited, portions of the show. Dr Mango Tape1 (mixtape) is another edited mixtape, some or all tracks of which are from this show. There are a few tracks in common and that includes the outro.
  • Some tracks maybe out of playing order, as it is not clear how the two mixtapes splice together.
  • Tracks marked # are from Liverpool's Night Of Victory. Tracks marked @ are from Dr Mango Tape1 (mixtape). Later tracks from the latter tape may also be from this show.



  • New Order: 'Truth' (Peel Session) #
  • (JP: 'If it's the truth that you really want, I think you're kinda cute!')
  • Sinatras: 'Happy Feeling (7 inch)' (Dining Out) #
  • (JP: 'Rather partial to that, I must say.')
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  • Eddie Fontaine - Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves on the Trees) @
  • New Order: 'Dreams Never End' (Peel Session) # @
  • John about to play something from the Norwich compilation perhaps a Higsons track then edit
  • The Diagram Brothers: 'Postal Bargains' (possibly Session or 7" on New Hormones - now available on CD #
  • (a snatch of a dub reggae tune)
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  • Higsons : 'My Love Is Bent (At Both Ends) (Compilation LP-Welcome To Norwich A Fine City)' (Romans In Britain) #
  • (JP: 'The implications of that are too beastly to discuss here...Actually, I never saw 'The Romans In Britain', I felt that it would probably remind me of too many painful experiences at school.') [2]
  • Black Uhuru: 'African Love (LP-Black Sounds Of Freedom)' (Greensleeves) # @
  • (Peel chat introducing Ian & the Muscletones (cuts out) @
  • New Order: 'Senses' (Peel Session) #
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  • Girls At Our Best: 'I'm Beautiful Now (7 inch-B side of Go For Gold)' (Happy Birthday) #
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  • New Order: 'ICB' (Peel Session) # [3]


  • 1) Liverpool's Night Of Victory
  • 2) Dr Mango Tape 1 (mixtape)
  • 1) 01:32:27 (to 00:18:15 and from 00:46:26 to 00:58:37)
  • 2) 00:34:48 (to 00:07:15)


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