• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1979-08-16
  • Final three tracks from the new XTC album.
  • The Bob Sargeant song is also the title track of the 1975 solo LP by the celebrated producer of numerous Peel sessions and records by artists Peel featured in this era. Sargeant also had Peel sessions as a performer.
  • Wailing Cocks track was reissued in 2008 as part of 'The Vault: Unlocked - Singles, B-Sides, Rarities & Deletions - Produced By John Peel's Manager, Clive Selwood', available at 7digital and other online digital download stores.
  • Some Chicken track was in John Peel’s Record Box, and was #15 in his 1977 Festive Fifty. Here he mentions that it is one of his favourite records, but no one had ever requested it.
  • The Bowling Balls track is from a single sent in by Belgian listener Annick. The other side is promised for a future occasion. Check out the band site. Peel: "As though the weather weren't depressing enough, we now have to contend with wacky Belgians - that's all we need."


  • UK Subs #3 (repeat). Recorded 1979-06-19. Peel mentions that, due to listener requests, this is its third repeat. Available on Peel Sessions 1978-79 (Fallout Records).


  • X-Ray Spex: Oh Bondage! Up Yours (single) Virgin
  • Bram Tchaikovsky: Lullaby Of Broadway (single) Radar
  • UK Subs: Killer (Peel Session) – cuts off after a few seconds
  • Bob Sargeant: First Starring Role (single, 1974) RCA Victor
  • Different Eyes: Open The Box (EP - Shish) Tuzmadoner
  • Secret Affair: Time For Action (single) acetate
  • Moskow: Man From U.N.C.L.E. (single) Rialto
  • Poison Girls: Political Love (EP – Hex) Small Wonder
  • Ringo: Frankinstein (single) Greedy Puppy
  • UK Subs: IOD (Peel Session)
  • Wailing Cocks: Listen To The Wailing Cocks (single) Bird’s Nest
  • Bowling Balls: God Save The Night Fever
  • Some Chicken: New Religion (single, 1977) Raw
  • XTC: Outside World / Scissor Man / Complicated Game (LP – Drums And Wires) Virgin
  • Artery: Mother Moon (single) Limited Edition
  • Capital Letters: Run Run Run (12” single) Greensleaves
  • UK Subs: Lady Esquire (Peel session)


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