• 1982-08-16
  • Peel has a new bike, and has already suffered his first puncture.
  • Says Kid Jensen’s shows have been getting really good, and he plays all the records Peel was planning to play – “most vexing.” JP finds out after programming the Bankrobbers followed by Bankrobber by the Clash that Jensen had done the same thing the previous week – “What can I say? Eclipsed again.”
  • After the first session track from the Nightingales, plays five secondhand records he has just bought (for no more than 1.50 in total) in a row - "No particular reason, but just because it makes it nice to have a break from me, I suppose."
  • JP manages to jump in at the false ending of Drowning Out The Big Jets by session band Action Pact, despite a warning note from producer Dale Griffin.
  • Unusually for Peel, he plays music from a Broadway show - Jennifer Holliday's "And I Am I Telling You (I'm Not Going"), sung powerfully in deep soul style, from the musical Dreamgirls.
  • Only around 7 minutes of show is now missing


  • Action Pact #2 First broadcast, recorded 1982-08-16. No known commercial release.
  • Nightingales #4 Repeat, recorded 1982-07-28

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  • 1) _294_820816a.aif
  • 2) _294_820816b.aif
  • a) John Peel Show - 16_08_1982 1 of 2
  • b) John Peel Show - 16_08_1982 2 of 2
  • 1) 32.03 (30:06 at correct speed)
  • 2) 35.01 (32:53 at correct speed)
  • a) 59:43
  • b) 45:23
  • Last 3 minutes of file 2 is only silence.
  • Note files 1) 2) need sped up by 6.5% this can be achieved by using Audacity. File created from T294 of 400 Box.
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