• 1988-08-16
  • Peel plays a couple of album tracks from artists covering Johnny Cash's songs from the tribute compilation album - 'Til Things Are Brighter...A Tribute To Johnny Cash and also Carcass' Reek Of Putrefaction. He also plays a couple of tracks from the Siddeleys new single.
  • Peel mentions that Fred Frith of Half Japanese was once rude to him 18 years ago, and Sheila his wife has not forgiven him for that. He claims that his wife can recognise Fred Frith's guitar work and whenever he plays any of Frith's records at home, she comes in and says 'that's that Fred Frith isn't it?.'
  • Peel mistakenly calls the My Bloody Valentine's single, Slow, which is the b-side of their You Made Me Realise track, but then corrects himself after the record gets played.
  • Peel mentioned that Marc Riley asked him to sing on the Johnny Cash compilation album, but found the lyrics of singing for the song 'Five Feet High And Risin', as too fast. Instead, Tracey And Melissa Beehive of Voice Of The Beehive covered the track.
  • Peel says that if he ever loses his job on radio, the last track he would play would be a sermon called Dry Bones In The Valley from Aretha Franklin's father, C.L. Franklin.



  • 1) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1988-08-16A.mp3
  • 2) Peel On Bremen Vier - 1988-08-16B.mp3
  • 1) 0:54:09
  • 2) 0:55:28
  • 1-2) Thanks to Eddie Berlin!
  1. Alias name for producer Todd Terry.
  2. Alias name for Israeli singer & TV figure Yair Nitzani.
  3. An Algerian singer.
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