• John Peel's Music On BFBS
  • 1992-02-16
  • There are disturbances in the first 15 minutes of the audio, which replays certain tracks again, before it goes fine.


  • None


(Tape cuts in)
(Peel talks about keeping another DJ awake when working in America)
(Peel talks about his dislike of opera)
(JP: 'You want an obscure track by Nirvana, this is pretty obscure')
(JP: 'Here's Billy')
(JP: "And he got his first radio play Billy you know, because I was still doing my programme in London one evening and musing, you know, between records and saying I very much care for a Mushroom Biriyani I think it was, and Billy turned up at Broadcasting House with such a Biriyani and a copy of his debut record, so I immediately played a track from it, that's the kind of corrupt bloke I am, I'm afraid no scruples at all")
(Peel mentions liking more of early Mega City Four material, because the tracks were shorter)
(Peel mentions that he had no brushes with royalty this week)
(Peel offers listeners a book of photographs of women by Dave Lee Travis by giving out an address for free copies, in the hope that people will write in for the show)
  • Cobra: Licence Fi Bad (7") New Name Muzik
(Peel talks about This Is Your Life and believes he would be embarrassed by it and his wife Sheila would refuse to take part. Peel goes on to talk about how he set Lonnie Donegan to go on it) [1]
(Peel carries on with the story of setting up Lonnie Donegan on This Is Your Life when he was pretending to interview him, before Michael Aspel appeared)


  • BFBS xxxx91-1.mp3
  • 2:03:50
  • Many thanks to Max_dat.
  1. Peel eventually got the full treatment for himself on This Is Your Life in 1995
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