• 2003-07-16
  • The second track in the show is a Wrong Speed Moment. JP: "Now does Zane ever play records at the wrong speed? He does not, friends. And that's because he's in league with the devil."
  • Peel mentions Liverpool's 3-1 away victory against Cologne in a pre-season friendly [1]. "A good win for our lads in Cologne, actually. Emile Heskey scored, which I'm always pleased to see 'cos I like him, I think he's a good lad. And two for Michael Owen."
  • There is a competition in the show to win ten pairs of tickets to attend the Maida Vale performance of the 'Two Minute Men' live bands on 23 July 2003.
  • Peel invites people to enter another competition to design a badge for the show.
  • Peel met David Essex that morning. "He was just standing in the street like an ordinary human being and I walked past and he said, 'Hello there. How's it going?' and I said, 'Well, fine'. I wasn't quite sure who it was so he said, 'David Essex'. And it was David Essex. We stood there as you do in showbiz and had a bit of a chat as though you were old mates. And the person that I was with, I said to him, 'Never met him before you know'. But he's very friendly. And I gave him a kind of manly punch on the shoulder and wished him good luck, as you do."
  • Peel asks the listeners to help him identify what 'phenacetin' and 'irradiated ergosterol' [1] is / was, "for the book that I'm supposed to be writing". A listener later provides the answers.


  • Cass McCombs. First broadcast of one and only session, recorded 2003-05-28.


JP: "We have a lot of doctors listen to these programmes. Research has shown that we have a higher percentage of doctors than any other programme on Radio One... I just made that up."


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  • The official track listing of the show on the BBC Radio One website terminates prematurely at the DJ Emerson track.
  1. It would appear that he had previously asked the listeners for help identifying this substance on 06 August 1985.